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Yu Cheng-Ta’s "FAMEME" at Times Square Reveal, New York City. FAMEME is part of the Taiwanese Pavilion for the Performa 19 Biennial.

The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan (Republic of China) was established on May 20, 2012 to oversee and cultivate Taiwan’s soft power in the areas of arts and humanities, community development, crafts industry, cultural exchanges, international cultural participation, heritage, literature and publishing, living aesthetics, TV, cinema, and pop music.

The Ministry currently operates 16 overseas cultural centers and offices. The centers’ main mission is to introduce the culture and arts of Taiwan to international audiences. In addition to organizing exhibitions and performances for Taiwanese artists, the centers also play a significant role in facilitating cultural exchange programs and collaboration between Taiwan and other countries.

Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band at New Orleans Jazz Museum.

Other missions of the centers are to establish networks and ties with the government cultural agencies and subordinate organizations of other countries, as well as to arrange visits of foreign art and cultural professionals to Taiwan and visits of Taiwanese art and cultural professionals abroad.

There are 4 cultural centers and offices located in the United States:


Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

Bulareyaung Dance Company

Huang Yi Studio +


Incandescence Dance

Resident Island Dance Theatre

Polymer DMT

Shimmering Production

Hsiao-Tzu Tien

Les Petites Choses Production

Yu-Ju Lin

Dua Shin Te Production

Anarchy Dance Theatre

Chou Shu-yi x Cheng Chih-chung


Hung Dance

Bare Feet Dance Theatre


Taiwan Philharmonic

National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan

National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra

Vincent Hsu & The Jazz Supreme Orchestra

Ju Percussion Group



Chou, Hsuan-hung & Wei, Zhao-yi


Puppet Being Theatre

Shan Puppet Theatre

The Puppet & Its Double Theater

Taipei Puppet Theater

Jin Kwei Lo Puppetry Company

Flying Group Theatre


Very Theatre

Riverbed Theatre

Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group

Formosa Circus Art

Our Theatre

Shinehouse Theatre

Storytellers Musical Lab

Traditional Opera

GuoGuang Opera Company

Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company

Gang-a Tsui Theater



Baroquemachine Lab

Cheng I-lly / Listener Ensemble

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